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Your pool deck can be a very large investment when things are going wrong. It is inevitable that over time repairs and replacements will need to take place and that is the time that you will need a trustworthy company on your side. If your pool feels rough, looks rough, and is no longer enjoyable to walk on without shoes, it may be time to call in the professionals. Your concrete pool deck should not be burning your feet, slippery, or uncomfortable in any way. Good news! You don’t have to completely rip out all of the concrete and replace it with a new slab.

That is time-consuming, expensive, and often, very unnecessary. Think of pool deck resurfacing as an elective surgery for your deck’s face and us as the surgeons. We will give your already present concrete a fix to restore it to its younger years.

Concrete resurfacing is unquestionably more affordable than the alternative and can be done much quicker. Don’t wait, call now.

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    Concrete Pool Deck

    Resurfacing Options

    Don’t wait for your makeover!

    There are incredible design opportunities for concrete surfaces these days! You aren’t stuck with one color for all or on design for all. Talk to our professionals about what type of surface will best serve you and your family.

    Stained Concrete Pool Deck
    Staining your pool deck, which is constantly exposed to pool chemicals, sun, and runoff is one of the best investments you can make. Stained pool deck surfaces resist damage from the aforementioned elements and it will not peel, lift, or discolor. When staining their pool decks, many homeowners stick with neutral stains like walnut, light browns, and tans; however, there is a combination of colors that can be used on your pool deck.
    Stamped Concrete Pool Deck
    You aren’t stuck with a surface that looks like concrete just because you’re using concrete! Stamping your surface opens the door to so many design opportunities! Stamped surfaces can mimic tile, brick, and/or stone. You can combine these imitations and have different sections of your pool deck resemble alternating materials.
    Stamping your surface increases slip-resistance, ease of maintenance, and decreases the amount of heat the surface absorbs.
    Pavers for Concrete Pool Deck
    Many of our clients who have young children or have elderly relatives living in the home request pavers because of their safety reputation. Pavers are incredibly slip-resistant and are known to be incredibly durable even while being exposed to high foot-traffic, sun, and pool water chemicals. Pavers are easily stamped and stained, adding to their beauty.
    Concrete Pool Deck

    Resurfacing Coatings

    Cover any flaws with a strong and long-lasting coating

    Concrete coatings are an affordable and versatile solution to give your concrete new life but they aren’t the only options available. We offer other solutions for concrete pool deck resurfacing in Newport Beach, CA to transform your pool deck from an eyesore into something you’ll love showing off.

    Acrylic Coatings

    Adding acrylic coating helps cool off your pool deck surface, that would otherwise be painfully hot and can create a waterproof seal that protects your concrete. This acrylic seal ensures that your concrete is not only slip-resistant, but is also mold, mildew, and chemical resistant. The benefits our clients enjoy with an acrylic coating are truly unlimited when it is professionally installed.

    Kool Deck Coating

    Naked concrete is prone to cracking, chipping, and discoloration. Kool deck coatings provide your deck with a textured surface that will not absorb UV-rays, be damaged by pool water, that will withstand contraction and expansion, and will be much easier to clean. Kool deck coatings are an affordable way our team can help your family and friends enjoy being in the pool and on your deck.

    Epoxy Coatings

    In the traditional sense, epoxy coatings are not used outdoors, but specialized versions can be great assets to your pool deck. A properly installed and properly mixed epoxy coating designed for your pool deck will create a ski-resistant surface that is safe for all ages. Specialized epoxy coatings create beautiful results that are visually stunning and incredibly functional.

    Are you in need of a Pool Deck Resurfacing?

    If you don’t know what resurfacing is or aren’t sure if that’s what you need, give our professionals a call right now to learn more.
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    Pool Deck Resurfacing

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    Before hiring just any contractor, be sure to know what you’re looking for, and what matters most to you and your family.

    One of the most common issues we find are pool decks that are absorbing too much heat, are chipping quickly, are discoloring terribly, and are simply in need of some tender love and care. Our professionals can help repair cracked and dysfunctional pool decks quickly and efficiently.

    We have decades of experience in resurfacing and design, so don’t wait, and don’t trust just anyone!

    Let us inspect your pool deck and advise you on the best form of action moving forward.