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Take one glance at a home interior design website, or browse Pinterest for flooring, and you’re bound to see polished concrete. These types of floors are not just “on-trend” at the moment, but they are a classic look and wear longer than just about any product on the market. Concrete appeals to homeowners due to the variety of finishes to choose from. Where homeowners have been trapped into wood color choices or settling for carpet, concrete can be mixed to just about anything the imagination can think up. What’s more, concrete grinding and polishing finishes can range in sheen and shine level depending on what look the homeowner is after.

You’ll also be thrilled to learn that polished concrete doesn’t need waxing, and maintenance is far easier than standard flooring. When you choose professionals to work with for concrete polishing services, you’ll want to learn as much as you can about the possibilities and longevity of these floors.

We invite you to keep reading to learn more about this process and why this flooring option might make a good match for your home. Once you learn of all the advantages of polished concrete, you’ll be ready to tackle your own home’s floors and start picking out the aesthetics.

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    What is Polished Concrete and its Benefits?



    With so many options for flooring today, why not consider how concrete factors into your decision. Here is what concrete flooring is and some benefits.

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    Defining Polished Concrete

    Machinery is used to grind down concrete to achieve the desired level of shine or gloss, a similar process to sanding wood. Different levels of polishing pads are used to work the product that brings out its luster and sheen. If the concrete has been dyed, the results are especially maximized as the finished product can deepen the color, texture, and patterns of your design choices. A sealant is also used in this process to ensure the concrete resists moisture and is more comfortable to walk on.

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    Cost & Wear
    When you do the math of installing flooring and its cost over time, very few products can stand up to polished concrete. The longevity of the product is impressive and there is very little upkeep compared to products like wood and tile. Concrete is less susceptible to damage when things are dropped on them and they are resistant to staining if finished properly. When you work with professional concrete polishing contractors, like us, you’ll have even better results as we learn more about you and your lifestyle.
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    Unlimited Design Options

    Homeowners love that polished concrete allows them to get detailed about the final result of their floors. When you choose wood, you can’t tweak the color of them easily. With carpet and tile, this is nearly impossible. Polished concrete floors allow for even the most subtle color shifts and polish levels giving the homeowner complete control over how their floors turn out. While basic grey polished concrete floors are a statement, some homeowners opt for highly designed looks resembling marble, leather, and other high-end materials.

    Maintenance, Care, & Eco-Conscious Polished Concrete

    A Simple Decision for Any Homeowner

    Worry less about your flooring

    The value adds of polished concrete make this type of flooring an easy decision. Not only will your home look updated immediately, but you’ll also spend less time taking care of it and feel good about your choice.

    Maintenance of Polished Concrete
    After your floors have been polished, you will have very little maintenance aside from the daily care of them (see next). You do not need to wax your concrete and most floors don’t even need to be specially sealed. This will vary depending on your flooring finish. While the floors will look like a slipping hazard, polished concrete is actually very safe underfoot. While special care should be taken on any wet floor surfaces, polished concrete is still less slippery compared to materials like tile.
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    Care of Polished Concrete
    The cleaning of polished concrete is a snap with simple soap and water. Most concrete polishing companies suggest using a non-acidic soap so it won’t break down the sheen of your floors. The key is to keep the floors well dusted or mopped so the particles don’t act as abrasives to the top of the flooring. While the floors are stain-resistant, if left too long, they can absorb into the concrete, so wipe up spills quickly. Also, don’t leave soaps on the surface too long (or let dry) as they can be harder on the material if done so.
    Eco-Friendly Polished Concrete
    While the installing of concrete flooring still has its carbon footprint like other floorings, concrete is still considered a “green” material. Wood flooring, for example, requires a manufacturer to grow and cut trees regularly. Carpet, sadly, is a very processed material with harsh dyes and harbors toxins and bacteria. Concrete is a cleaner material and is a mixture of ground-up rock that’s plentiful and recycled easily to be repurposed. Did you know that recycled concrete is used in coastal cities to rebuild ocean reefs?


    Your home may already be built on a concrete slab, and if so, now is the time to determine if they can be polished to perfection. Regardless of your current flooring situation, we can help.

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