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Turn Your Garage Into a Showroom

A garage is a place we often hide things so we can keep them out of sight. One of the best ways to get your garage organized and looking like a continuation of your home (rather than an eyesore) is to add epoxy floor coating to the surface of the concrete. Not only will it inspire you to keep your garage looking clean and organized, but it will also add value to your home. Garage floor epoxy gives homeowners a new way to aesthetically improve its appearance by using various colors, finishes, and textures. In fact, if you work with professional epoxy floor installers, like us, we can truly customize the way your garage looks. As a result, your epoxy garage floor will be comfortable underfoot and a true reflection of your lifestyle.

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    Why Have Garage Epoxy Flooring?

    Epoxy Flooring Benefits

    Top reasons to install garage floor epoxy.

    One of the most popular ways to turn your garage into a showroom is using epoxy floor coating. Here are the top three benefits of using this material in your garage.

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    Cleaning epoxy floors is simple and any messes that occur are easier to wipe up than other types of flooring. The seamless surface will have less dust and debris with no seams for grit to get trapped. These floors are also resistant to chemicals and staining. You’ll find epoxy floors will reduce the amount of time you spend cleaning or brooming out the space, leaving you more time for projects and use. Clean up is simple with a hose and squeegee and dries faster than other types of floors.
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    Cement flooring tends to deteriorate little by little, that is what all that dust is in your garage. Painted cement tends to crack and chip, especially if you drop anything on the floor. With an epoxy concrete floor, you will get years of wear and tear from your floors. You won’t have to panic when you drop a tool on it or concern yourself with motorcycle tires or cars damaging the surface. The resin on these floors is designed to take a decent amount of traffic, giving you long-lasting durability.
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    All types of climates benefit from epoxy floor coatings. For cold and snow-like conditions, these floors wick water better and ice tends to dissipate faster. At warmer and hot times of the year, these floors collect less dust and moisture keeping your garage less humid. In turn, you’ll see less chance for mildew and molds. One of the better safety benefits of garage floor epoxy is less slipping. The floors typically have a texture to them making them comfortable underfoot, offering less sliding about with and without shoes.
    Types and Styles of Epoxy Coating

    Epoxy Coating Materials

    Eye catching epoxy garage floor finishes

    Self-leveling epoxy flooring is a great option to make a garage or business space shine again. This covering hides imperfections and blemishes and can completely transform a floor. There are plenty of colors to choose from including high gleam shine or more matte style finishes.

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    Epoxy Mortar floors are some of the most durable and are popular among businesses that need long-lasting wear. This floor, in particular, is resistant to chemical spillage for those who handle these types of materials often. Quartz Epoxy flooring is a showstopping finish that contains grains that are various colors. These floors typically have a very polished look and often very decorative. Quartz epoxy floors are also known to be more slip-resistant.

    Chances are you’ve seen this type of epoxy flooring in various garages or at a neighbor’s home. The resin of this floor contains a flake material giving it more depth and texture. Its subtle texture is great at reducing slips and falls which is popular among families. This is a highly customizable floor with endless options for colors and flake texturing. Many homeowners find this flooring a great way to complement their home’s aesthetic and some professionals can even work with it to create patterns or logos.


    Let’s talk about how epoxy garage flooring can completely change the look and feel of your home. We are here to answer questions at any time and discuss the specifics of your project.
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