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    Having a professionally installed epoxy floor coating continues to prove the affordable and long-lasting alternative to traditional indoor flooring materials. And because these surfaces look great in any setting, they remain ideal for
    companies, industrial facilities, and virtually anywhere else.
    Only recently have more Newport Beach, CA, homeowners have discovered the many benefits to residential epoxy flooring with our team. As the trusted name for local epoxy flooring contractors, we guarantee better results for less on every project we complete.

    From helping you enhance your home’s garage to superior surfaces for your office buildings, and more, we achieve lasting results. Few other flooring materials offer as many protective properties and as well as a useable lifespan as professional epoxy installations. Whatever your interior flooring concerns might remain, we always have a practical and affordable approach to your customized installation projects. For the epoxy flooring contractors that you can trust, see why more Newport Beach
    residents still turn to our installers.


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    AN EPOXY CONCRETE FLOOR IS NOT ONLY MADE FOR INDUSTRIAL OR COMMERCIAL BUILDING, RATHER, YOU CAN HAVE A FLOOR LIKE THIS INSTALLED IN YOUR HOME TODAY! Whether it be your garage, basement, or any living space, give us a call and speak to one of our contractors today.

    Epoxy Flooring
    Epoxy flooring has gotten used for years, but primarily for commercial buildings, industrial facilities, and other business settings for protection. As a durable, long-lasting, and simple to maintain flooring system, homeowners are finally taking note of these superior indoor surfaces. And while they can appear industrial at first, modern design
    choices leave them looking at home in your place daily. From unique faux metallic patterns to a variety of resistances against
    more daily hazards, they prove the perfect flooring option. Discuss your design preferences with our installers today, and
    learn more about our installation methods for your upcoming improvement projects.
    Garage Floor Epoxy
    Among the most common applications you will see throughout the Newport Beach, CA, area, is likely epoxy garage floor installers. When you give your musty, dirty cement surface a makeover, it means beautiful designs and better protection against daily use. Dropped tools, spilled corrosive chemicals, liquid and moisture resistance, and more, all leave your new epoxy garage floor coating like-new. You can use them for years following your recent installation visit, as well as affordable and
    straightforward maintenance needs, too. See why more area homeowners continue to improve their house’s garage spaces with long-lasting, durable, and gorgeous epoxy flooring solutions.
    Metallic Epoxy Resin Floor
    To add tons of wow factor without spending a fortune, you can transform any space with a metallic epoxy floor. These systems not only offer unsurpassed daily durability, but they utilize one- of-a-kind designs not found anywhere else in the community. From using templates and past projects as a guide to wholly customized choices, you will love your new flooring surfaces. And when you choose us for your metallic epoxy floor coating, it means superior results at affordable pricing every day. If you can’t find the home upgrade that leaves you feeling inspired, we can enhance any interior space for less.
    Concrete Sealing
    Surprisingly, not all epoxy floor coating companies offer concrete polishing services, but we offer the options you need the most. Possibly the only updated flooring system that gives resin a run for its money, polished cement surfaces prove ideal also. By taking your foundation slab and smoothing away the topmost layers, we can produce smooth, shimmering floors that last longer. Your daily cleaning needs boil down to a dry dust mop and an occasional damp cloth with mild detergent
    cleaners. Similar to epoxy, we can also introduce a vast number of customizable options for new floors that stay uniquely yours.
    Concrete Sealing
    You nearly choked after looking at the estimate you get handed for replacing your worn-out driveway with new poured installations. However, when you prefer a faster and more affordable approach to your home maintenance needs, we offer a better solution. Sealing away damaged concrete surfaces can offer many more years of use without paying to replace the entire system altogether. By utilizing a clear sealant coating, we can clean, repair, and bind your existing cement spaces together for like- new durability. Before you pay to break down and install a brand-new surface, call us for concrete sealing solutions for affordable alternatives.
    Rubberized Floor Coating
    While the backyard swimming pool may remain the primary focal point, it isn’t enough to look away from damaged decking. Unfortunately, the cost of scraping the existing material off and introducing new paint proves expensive, invasive, and frustrating for many. Instead, we offer a better way to maintain your back patio, front porch, or other decking systems with expert contractors. When you need to see your pool deck return to like-new condition for less, we offer the services you need. If you need to save more on keeping up with your swimming pool patios and more, choose us for solutions.
    Concrete Coating
    Over time, even durable poured concrete starts to fade and wear away from the outside elements and heavy daily use. Lingering automotive stains, moisture fissures, crumbling edges, and more, leave your cement spaces in danger of failing without addressing concerns. Thankfully, as your expert team of contractors, we can offer more than professional garage floor epoxy to protect your surfaces. We know how to clean, repair, maintain, and provide concrete coatings that leave it in like-new condition for even longer. Before you pay to replace your cement surfaces and exterior systems, contact us to learn more about Concrete coating services.
    SpaceX factory
    Commercial epoxy flooring remains the original application for resin systems, and we ensure your business receives the best installations possible. From helping you upgrade your store with durable yet beautiful floors to safer manufacturing, we offer it all for less. No matter what your company offers to others, we create flooring systems that keep staff safer and more productive daily. Slip and fall resistant, durable against chemicals and corrosives, and affordable to maintain, epoxy flooring proves the perfect installation choice. When you need to save more on superior new surfaces, you need our contractors for better commercial epoxy flooring today.
    Industrial Epoxy Flooring
    One reason why epoxy flooring has proven so popular is that it remains strong enough to keep industrial facilities safer. You can sit back without worry and watch a forklift roll smoothly past you, knowing it will last for years. From manufacturing centers to storage warehouses, chemical barrels, and industrial services, epoxy flooring proves powerful enough for any daily operations. Best of all, we can include mortar binding agents for even more lasting durability for your
    new epoxy flooring systems. Beautiful enough for living rooms and strong enough to use them for years after installation, choose our contractors for Floors.
    Resurfacing your pool deck
    will enhance safety, aesthetics, and durability. During the summers and warm weather, a pool deck is extremely important to the safety and attractiveness of your backyard. Keeping your pool deck in excellent condition is an important aspect even when months go by without using it. That is why, while we are remodeling or resurfacing your concrete pool deck, we will keep you fully informed, educate you on how best to care for your deck, and complete in the process quickly and efficiently. Resurfacing your pool deck will enhance safety, aesthetics, and durability. During the summers and warm weather, a pool deck is extremely important to the safety and attractiveness of your backyard. Keeping your pool deck in excellent condition is an important aspect even when months go by without using it. That is why, while we are remodeling or resurfacing your concrete pool deck, we will keep you fully informed, educate you on how best to care for your deck, and complete in the process quickly and efficiently.
    Epoxy Flooring Benefits for You to Enjoy Every Day


    New Port Beach

    Although you may not see epoxy flooring used in as many homes as carpet, hardwood, or tile, they remain popular. More homeowners throughout the country continue ditching traditional flooring materials for gorgeous, durable, and long- lasting resin surfaces for interior spaces.
    Not only will choosing our contractors mean a higher quality of care, but a surefire way to enhance your home. We offer a variety of unique design elements and customizable choices that leaves you with the perfect floors each time.
    From affordable upgrades for your garage, to new kitchen floors, bedroom surfaces, and bathroom designs, we solve any improvement needs. And because your new epoxy floors remain in good condition for longer, your maintenance costs will remain affordable as well.
    Because they solve so many of your daily needs at lower pricing, it’s no wonder why so many homeowners switch. For the superior epoxy flooring services that you and your loved ones can depend on, choose our installation contractors today.

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    Not only will your new epoxy flooring systems prove the ideal choice for you, but they’re good for the environment. Installing your resin surfaces creates much fewer waste, and VOCs stop releasing after they cure completely for safer interior spaces.


      Our contractors take every project seriously, knowing that it’s for one of our neighbors here in the Newport Beach community.


      Our service team has the level of skill you can trust, as well as the field experience for better installations.


      Why waste hours of your weekend and tons of cash on ineffective Do It Yourself kits when we can help?


      When you hire us, it means never waiting for our team to return from the rental shop for contractor tools.

    Garage FLoor Epoxy

    Today’s homeowners, business owners, and building managers have more options than ever before, so why hire our epoxy flooring contractors? While you can purchase similar products at big-box retail stores, you won’t capture the results that our
    experts will achieve.

    When dealing with epoxy flooring, there is no substitute for experienced contractors, especially when the pot life starts to decrease. Once the hardening agent gets introduced to the resin material, time is not on your side, leading to many issues. And, surprisingly, the best results for your new floors doesn’t stem from the epoxy, but the preparation services we offer. When you begin with a clean, repaired, and smooth surface, it means creating a superior bonding layer that lasts longer.

    If it does seem time to maintain or repair your new epoxy floors, call us back for a straightforward visit. No one else installs, manages, or keeps your upgraded surfaces looking their best as our team of experienced contractors can.
    Receive Your Free Installation Quote Today Those homeowners who attempt a new epoxy floor installation alone quickly find it’s more
    Challenging than we make it look.
    And if you’re still buying resin products from your local hardware retailer, you aren’t choosing the quality materials we use. We remain committed to not only saving you more on new floors but creating a lifetime of use from them. When you choose us for your polished concrete, resin surfaces, garage coatings, and more, we guarantee your best results possible.

    Even if you don’t feel convinced yet of the many lasting benefits to your epoxy floors, contact us for quotes. We don’t charge to explain our process to you, as well as estimate how much it will cost to upgrade. When you need an affordable alternative to traditional flooring materials and systems, we can help you best at lower costs. Hire the team behind at Coatings Hub today and save more on installation.

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