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When you want a floor for your home or business that’s as strong as it is beautiful, you want epoxy flooring. This durable flooring system is one of the most robust floor coatings on the market. With a myriad of colors, patterns, and textures to choose from, epoxy flooring can meet virtually any design needs! With over a decade of experience designing and installing epoxy floors, our team has the skills and expertise to deliver top-notch quality with every job we take. Each of our team members has been extensively trained to install a variety of epoxy floor coatings to ensure that you’re receiving the best in the business. We’re licensed, bonded, and insured so that our customers have the peace of mind they deserve. If you have questions about our services, give us a call today or check out our homepage to learn more!

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    Epoxy Flooring Newport Beach

    Types of Epoxy Flooring

    Our company offers a wide variety of epoxy styles, colors, and patterns!

    When you choose epoxy flooring for your home or business, you have several options to suit your personal or professional style! Below, we’ll cover the various epoxy flooring systems that we commonly install, including standard epoxy, metallic epoxy, and decorative flake epoxy.

    Standard Epoxy

    Standard epoxy is the most common concrete coating that we install. This basic flooring system offers all of the benefits of any epoxy floor! With a near-limitless variety of colors and patterns to choose from, standard epoxy can suit any design. From basic, solid-color patterns to intricate, multi-color patterns, there’s no end to the possibilities. This robust floor coating is perfect for any space, from kitchens to basements to retail stores to factories.

    Metallic Epoxy
    Metallic epoxy is one of the most unique flooring systems available on the market today. This illustrious epoxy floor is created by mixing metallic pigments into the resin during the application process. With these metallic pigments, we can create one-of-a-kind designs, such as swirl patterns. We can also create patterns that mimic scenes from nature like fiery lava, flowing ocean water, or even cloud-dotted skies. This style of epoxy can elevate the look of any home or business!
    Decorative Flake Epoxy

    Decorative flake epoxy is the perfect flooring system for any space that could benefit from some added slip resistance. This epoxy floor is created by applying a layer of acrylic chips over the epoxy primer and topping it with our clear topcoat. These flakes come in a variety of shapes and sizes, ranging from 1/16 inches to 1 inch. The chips can be broadcast in various densities as well, from sparingly to practically covering the entire floor.

    Epoxy Flooring Newport Beach

    The Benefits of Epoxy Flooring

    Benefits that can help any home or business!

    Epoxy flooring offers numerous benefits to home and business owners. From its exceptional durability and resistance to its extended longevity, epoxy flooring can do it all! Below, we’ll cover some of the most notable benefits that epoxy flooring offers.

    Durability & Resistance
    The durability of epoxy flooring is unmatched by most traditional flooring systems. This strong concrete coating can withstand hard impacts from heavy objects, rough abrasions, and high volumes of foot and vehicle traffic. Whether it’s in your garage or on the production floor, this floor coating can handle practically anything you can throw at it. Epoxy is also highly resistant to a variety of chemicals and is waterproof. With this flooring system, you don’t have to worry about stains or damage from a simple spill.
    Epoxy flooring is built to last. This durability of this long-lasting flooring system allows it to outlast many other conventional flooring systems. In many cases, an epoxy floor can outlive the house’s lifespan or facility it’s installed in. When the epoxy is appropriately installed and maintained, it can last for 25 years or more! This long lifespan can allow home and business owners to save money on premature replacements and repairs.
    Ease of Maintenance
    One of the most significant benefits of epoxy flooring is its ease of maintenance. Homeowners can rest assured that they won’t have to spend endless hours scrubbing the floors, while business owners can rejoice in spending fewer man-hours on routine maintenance. All that the maintenance of this flooring entails is daily sweeping or dust mopping, spot mopping, and weekly wet mopping. With this simple routine, you can trust that your epoxy flooring system will last as long as possible!

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    Epoxy Flooring Newport Beach

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