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Commercial businesses require a floor that can handle the unique demands of this environment. Companies, such as retail stores, hotels, restaurants, and more, are subject to constant wear and tear from high volumes of foot traffic, dropped objects, and abrasions. These places need a floor that’s built to last. Commercial epoxy flooring is the ideal solution to your company’s flooring needs! This tough yet beautiful flooring system is long-lasting, durable, and remarkably easy to maintain. With more than a decade of experience installing epoxy floors in commercial business, we can help design a floor that excellently fits your commercial space! We’ll work with you from start to finish so that your new floor complements your business and looks exactly how you want. Our company offers competitive prices for the highest quality craftsmanship on the market! Let us help improve your business today!

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    Where to Find Commercial Epoxy Flooring

    Commercial epoxy floors can benefit practically any business!

    While commercial epoxy can be found in virtually any kind of commercial business, there are a few popular locations that we find ourselves frequently installing commercial epoxy floors. Below, you can see these popular commercial locations and how epoxy can help their businesses!

    Hospitals & Nursing Homes

    Commercial epoxy flooring is an incredible choice for hospitals and nursing home environments. Thanks to the seamless installation of epoxy, regular sanitization is made much more manageable. These floors are so easy to keep clean and sanitized that they’re USDA-approved as a result. There are no cracks or crevices for germs and bacteria to hide! The simple customization combined with the unlimited customization options offers the chance for these businesses to have a gorgeous floor that is safe and clean for all patients and residents. The natural reflectiveness of this glossy floor also creates a brighter environment that can provide more visibility and even improve your patients’ moods!

    Retail Stores & Strip Malls
    Retail stores and strip malls see some of the highest volumes of foot traffic of any commercial business. Customers regularly file in and out of these businesses, especially if their open 24/7. These locations need a floor that can handle this traffic without fading, wearing down, and needing replacement. Commercial epoxy flooring can do just that! This durable floor can resist this foot traffic while maintaining its glossy, colorful appearance and without being damaged. If customers drop heavy merchandise, there’s no fear of cracking or dents either.

    Commercial businesses like hotels may not experience the same wear and tear as stores, though an attractive lobby is essential to any successful hotel. The first thing potential customers see is the hotel’s lobby. Many hotel owners strive to make their entrances the most attractive, aesthetically-pleasing area in the building to set the tone of the overall experience. Commercial epoxy is an affordable option to meet that need. With limitless customization options, hotel owners can design a one-of-a-kind floor or that even mimics the look of more high-end flooring systems, such as marble or granite!

    Commercial Epoxy Flooring

    What to Expect

    All the info you need about commercial epoxy flooring!

    From the installation process to the overall cost to maintaining your commercial epoxy floor, we have all the information you need to know about commercial epoxy flooring! Below, we’ll cover this information so you can have a better understanding of what to expect when you choose commercial epoxy.

    Commercial Epoxy Installation
    The installation of commercial epoxy flooring is a multi-step process. The process begins with cleaning and inspecting the existing concrete for damage, such as cracks or chips. All damage will be repaired before we move on to the next step. The next step is surface preparation. This involves using a floor grinder fitted with a diamond grinding wheel to grind down the concrete, ensuring proper adhesion of the epoxy to the concrete. Once the surface prep is complete, we’ll mix and pour the epoxy across the concrete. Once the resin and the topcoat are in place, the floor will need 72 hours to cure completely.
    Commercial Epoxy Costs
    The cost of a commercial epoxy floor can vary, depending on several different factors. These factors include the floor’s size, the complexity of the pattern and colors, and the type of epoxy you chose. Typically, the smaller the floor area, the less per square foot you can expect to pay. In most cases, you can expect to pay between $3 and $12 per square foot for your commercial epoxy floor, depending on if you choose standard epoxy, metallic epoxy, or decorative flake epoxy.
    How to Maintain Your Commercial Epoxy Floor
    Maintaining your commercial epoxy floor is actually quite simple. It’s a smart idea to invest in a dust mop to save on time even more. The best way to maintain your floor is to set up a routine maintenance regimen. This regimen should involve daily sweeping or dust mopping, spot mopping, and weekly wet mopping. A pH-neutral floor cleaner is the best cleaner to use for wet mopping. Avoid using citrus-based detergents or harsh cleaning chemicals that can leave a film over the floor. With this simple maintenance, your commercial epoxy floor should last for more than 25 years!

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